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Do you use sealing tape in a standardized manner?

Around us, sealing strips can be seen everywhere. It not only improves everyone's quality of life, but also provides more convenience for our daily lives. In cars, sealing strips can improve sealing and prevent wind and rain from entering the car compartment, while aluminum door and window sealing strips can ensure the sealing, airtightness, noise reduction and sound insulation of doors and windows. At the same time, this is a reliable guarantee for the safety of laminated glass in aluminum alloy doors and windows after the action of external forces.

How to use aluminum door and window sealing strips?

Aluminum door and window sealing strips are divided into two types: laminated glass sealing strips and siliconized tops. Sealing strips are generally used on aluminum doors and windows. There are also special sealing strip grooves on decorative strips and aluminum doors and windows. The main function is to wear sealing strips on the decorative strips and inner sash to make the glass and frame sash closer. Ensure the sealing of doors and windows. The installation position of the sealing strip should be neat. It should not be rolled or stretched. The connector should be less than 1mm. The specifications of the sealing strip should be suitable. If the sealing strip is too large, the strip will not be pressed in. If it is too small, the sealing strip will be easily pressed. If it falls, the glass and the fan body will not be close together, and gaps will appear. Sealing strips should be non-toxic. Odorless environmental protection special sealing strip.

How to choose door and window hardware?

We also all know that hardware is actually the core and soul of doors and windows. It determines the service life, safety and operating feel of the windows. It is very important. However, many people don’t know how to choose the brand of door and window hardware. Today we will give you some information from the following dimensions. Let’s learn some things to note about it.

Classification of sealing strips

Sealing strips for building doors and windows refer to the components used in building doors and windows: glass bars, glass frame fans, frame fans, sash fans, etc., which can protect against internal and external media (rain, air, dust, dust, etc.). Leakage or intrusion can prevent or reduce mechanical impact and damage caused by impact, thereby achieving sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation, and shock absorption of elastic belts or rod-shaped materials.

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